Bernadette and Clara are close friends… However, there is some behaviour Clara wishes to discuss with Bernadette. She invites the good lady over for a discussion about why she is texting her husband and sending sexy photos of herself to him. Bernadette cannot really talk herself out of this one so she admits that she was just having a bit of fun and didn’t mean any harm by it all. Clara doesn’t see it that way and prepares to take out her frustration on Bernadette’s bare bottom with her hand and hairbrush.

Bernadette is humiliated to be over the knee of her friend and treated like a naughty little girl. When Clara feels that a proper lesson has been learned, she tells Bernadette to compose herself and get on her way. Well…. Turnaround is fair play and a few weeks later, Bernadette confronts Clara about the exact same naughty texting behavior with her own husband! Clara doesn’t have any excuses either! Now, it is her turn to know just what it feels like to be caught red-handed and then given an equally red, glowing bottom in the same humiliating fashion that she had relished dishing out not too long before.

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