You Stole My Money

Gemma and Lola work together but are not friends. Lola has been accused of stealing from her co-worker. She will not admit to what she has done and slaps Gemma around the face. Unfortunately for her this is witnessed by her strict boss who immediately takes Lola over her knee and spanks her bottom fill it’s bright red and sore. Lola is instructed to stand in the corner with her arms over her head until Mrs.

Stern returns. Gemma is delighted that Lola has got herself into trouble but still wants an apology and her money. She taunts Lola and takes photos of her with her phone and threatens to post them on the internet. Mrs. Stern is made aware of this upon her return and swiftly deals with Gemma as well. Next both the girls are soundly spanked on their bare bottoms, to encourage closeness they are spanked at the same time with Lola laying on top of Gemma. At the end of their ordeal the girls are made to hug and make up their differences in the workplace.

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