Last month I spent a whole two weeks with Mommy in Toronto. We decided to film a short series of films inviting the viewer into our everyday lives. I always try to be a good girl and follow all of the rules, but sometimes I make mistakes and of course I am punished for them. There are three spankings in this series and then a final reward which will be shown on In the first spanking, Mommy decides that the spanking she gave me the night before at the BDSM club wasn’t enough of a punishment so she wants to further punish my already sore bottom.

You see, I wandered off and she didn’t know where I was. I did come back, but as her submissive I am not allowed to just wander off. She also isn’t happy that is is 4pm and I am still in my pyjamas. So, I am dealt with on my already bruised bottom for these two offences with Mommy’s hand, strap, and cane.