Blake’s backside may have recovered from their last punishment thrashing from boss Kelley May, but their pride certainly hasn’t. It doesn’t help that their partner in crime remains immune: Willow got just as drunk with that client as they did, but as heir to the company and the boss’s daughter she seemed to get away with it scott free. It’s hard not to bear a little grudge. Eager to prove herself – and to compensate for the injustice – Willow makes Blake an offer: if my mum won’t spank me, then you can.

Ten hard strokes with the heavy company paddle, everything she should have got from Kelley May. At first Blake is dubious – no way can this soft, pampered little heiress take a real beating – but in the end the temptation gets the better of them. As soon as the first stroke lands, Willow realises her mistake. A first-time spanking straight on the bare, with no warm-up to speak of…what has she let herself in for? Once Willow knows how intensely humiliating it is to get spanked at work, she decides not to treat her employees that way once the company belongs to her.

But will it work out, or will she wind up following in her mother’s footsteps when sales figures start to fall? How long will it be before Blake finds themselves shamed and exposed over the desk of a boss young enough to be their own daughter?

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