Bella takes her place over the alluring lap of Mistress for a memorable and very hard bare bottom hand spanking


Please welcome Bella and Mistress Scarlet (Bella’s real-life dominant) in what is a wicked, super hot spanking debut. This is the latest in our ‘Spanking Positions’ series with the choice of 3 naughty scenes which we know you will enjoy viewing. Both ladies are dressed in exquisite lingerie, expensive high heels and beautiful clothing where the vintage location of the couch is used for each position.

The first is a classic OTK. Bella takes her place over the alluring lap of Mistress for a memorable hand spanking introduction; featuring lots of caressing, care, with plenty of bottom warming slaps and smacks. The second position, placed on ‘All-Fours’ sees Bella presented and exposed for Mistress to take advantage of her delicious derriere. The last scene is a particular favourite at AAA and we were more than happy to film Scarlet taking Bella in their first-ever ‘Wheelbarrow Position.’ With plenty of angles to maximize the most intimate of positions, you get to see real chemistry between this couple as Bella and Scarlet clearly enjoy their filming debut for your viewing pleasure!

These are free images from Triple A Spanking, featuring a spanking scene performed by Mistress Scarlet and Bella

Mistress spanking her lazy Maid before baring her bottom and giving her a severe strapping and finally a severe stinging caningLazy Maid gets a spanking and caning