Please welcome Alora Lux to our network… And in the finest of introductions, she agreed to participate in three traditional and intimate spanking positions. This was filmed at the end of a long shoot and you will see evidence of previous spankings which are soon to disappear as her cheeks glow red from the next round, courtesy of Clara Matthews. As with all films in this series, there is no build-up dialogue or storyline, Alora is being spanked for the sake of it… And why not? This is the full-length version but all three separate positions will be added soon after in your preferred download format.

Position One: OTK – Alora, dressed in a tight sexy light blue dress receives a thorough spanking from Clara, first over her white cotton panties, then with them pulled down having her delightful round cheeks turned a darker shade of red. Clara dishes out delightful pleasure (tickling the cheeks with her fingertips) and painful slaps to keep Alora guessing what would happen next. Position Two: Wheelbarrow Spanking – Alora was keen to try this embarrassing position, as she liked to feel humiliated as Clara reminds her what she can see and how the spankings are different.

She is even able to reach the innermost parts below Alora’s cheeks which she finds out, stings – a lot! Position Three: All Fours – Alora is naked except for her cute knee-length socks, spreadeagled on all fours on the hard wooden floor. Clara has full access to her naughty girl’s red bottom and even uses a stiff leather strap that has Alora gasping. This position is also called the ‘Table’ as Clara straddles her, strapping and spanking Alora this way until her cheeks are a beautiful crimson.