Step Mommy Sarah is a believer that if a grown lady acts like a naughty little girl that they should be treated like one. Whilst changing Alora couldn’t help having a snoop around the house and found a pair of Step Mommy Sarah’s knickers in the laundry basket. She brings them downstairs with her and sniffs the used panties whilst masturbating. Essie is horrified when she walks in and catches her.

She challenges Alora who is still angry with her from earlier and decides to take her revenge. She grabs Essie and starts dry humping her. Poor Essie is horrified as she is pumped hard by Alora. Alora carries on sniffing those used panties whilst dominating Essie grinding into her and making herself wet. Step Mommy Sarah cannot believe what she has walked into! She questions both girls but as she can”t decide who is telling the truth, she decides to line them up and strap them both.

Alora and Essie are made to kneel side by side. School skirts pushed up and knickers at their knees so Step Mommy can strap their bare bottoms hard. Both girls are soon yelping with pain but the punishment continues until they are both marked and sore.

This is a free video from Mommy Sarah Spanks, featuring a spanking scene performed by Sarah Stern Laura Lux and Essie

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