Grandpa has been invited over for a family evening gathering and is waiting for Amy to arrive home as he overhears the distressing news about his precious girl from the School Principal. He is rather old school… And likes to take matters into his own hands, so is waiting for Amy in her room to have a much-needed conversation about her behavior. Amy is pleased to see Grandpa looking so well and above ground for another year but starts to brat and avoid his questions about her lewd sex acts that she was caught performing on some boys after the Volleyball game.

Grandpa has had enough of her attitude and takes her over his lap for an old-fashioned hard hand spanking. Years of experience have taught him that the best way to deal with this coquettish brat is with a mean, bare-bottom hand smacking. Amy looks shocked and can not believe that this is happening to her. He teaches her a much-needed lesson that she won’t soon forget. She will be sitting uncomfortably at the Dinner Table tonight!

This is a free video from Cheerleader Spankings, featuring a spanking scene performed by Amy Fox and Paul Rogers.

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