This is Winter Leigh’s first appearance on Cheerleader Spankings, and also her first ever rectal temperature taking on film. It’s Casual Friday and the school’s cheerleaders are allowed to wear their uniform. It’s also a Double-Math Day for cheergirl Winter and she doesn’t want to endure that in the afternoon. Winter decides to try and fool the new British nurse, Miss Matthews, by pretending to have picked up an illness and visits the medical room to see if she can get the rest of the day off. Nurse Matthews is an old hand at seeing through a miscreant’s lies and quickly deduces that the cheerleader is faking it.

She decides to see how far Winter will go with this deception, even giving her a thoroughly humiliating and unnecessary rectal temperature taking for that so-called ‘fever’ and the desperate madam complies. Naturally, there is nothing wrong with her and the nurse eventually gets this information out of the lying cheer girl which results in a rather uncomfortable lesson courtesy of Miss Matthews’ hand and leather strap across Winter’s exposed bottom. She is spread out on all fours on the examination table and her bare, exposed parts are reddened perfectly until the nurse is satisfied that Winter has learned her lesson by not wasting any of the medical staff’s valuable time.

Double Math in the afternoon will now be even more uncomfortable for Winter since she will not be able to sit down without remembering the error of her ways!

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