Case is waiting for her cheer coach to turn up and take her to practice but when she hears the doorbell and answers… It is her Headmistress, Miss Matthews. She invites herself in and approaches Mom (Miss Bernadette) informing the good lady that her girl has been caught cheating at a recent important exam and that this disciplinary matter needs immediate attention. There is no cheer practice today for this young lady, just discipline… Which she is about to discover is painful and embarrassing!

Headmistress learns that Case never receives spankings or punishments at home, just a stern chat from Mom (at best). This will not do and Case is taken over the educator’s lap for a lesson she will learn and which her Mom will understand and follow through on afterward. Case is spanked in her cute cheerleader uniform and the spanking continues over Miss Matthews’ lap with the girl’s panties pulled down for added humiliation. This punishment deserves more than just a hand and a typical implement found at home such as the wooden hairbrush is used across the embarrassed cheater’s reddening backside.

This new lesson is learned twice as Case has the same treatment repeated over her mother’s lap as the Headmistress encourages from the sidelines. From now on, this is the type of correction she will experience if her poor behavior warrants such actions at home as well as at school. Today, the lesson learned is that cheating has consequences!

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