Anna has been deliberately confrontational to her mom (Miss Bernadette) as she is fed up with the restriction she faces at home even though she is in her final year of school. None of her other friends have these issues, she thinks. Things come to a head when Anna is caught with her dirty shoes up on the antique furniture, showing the usual serious lack of respect she gives her mom when asked to behave a little more civilly. Anna screams and hurls foul abuse, and is out of control until mom slaps her several times and takes control of the situation.

They struggle but mom takes Anna over her lap for a long overdue spanking and this will be without the dignity of her leggings, or panties, whilst she receives a bare bottom hand spanking. Mom has noticed that Anna has a new tongue piercing, which is totally against House Rules, and of course, the daughter fires a tirade of more foul-mouthed abuse. A nearby hairbrush is used against Anna’s exposed cheeks and it soon turns her very sore bottom a deep, shameful burning crimson. Anna is far more sorry now, but her earlier behavior earns her a mouth soaping upstairs in the bathroom.

Anna is dragged there by her ear and given a horrific mouth soaping that has her spluttering, retching, and pleading with mom that she has learned her lesson. This punishment is only over when mom decides it is, being a reminder that House Rules will be respected whilst under this roof! Warning: This film contains foul profanities, multiple face slappings, and tears during a harsh mouth soaping… Do not watch if this type of stern maternal discipline offends you!

Lorraine Ansel and Sandra are caught kissing and groping each other. Both are told to strip naked and are given a hard OTK spanking followed by a harsh whipping.