Misty and Riley have been kicked out of Gym Class for fighting and sent to Miss Elizabeth to be disciplined. This sort of behavior is unacceptable at this prestigious Girls’ Boarding School… And will be dealt with at the highest level. Riley had made fun of Misty’s sore bruised bottom when she had changed into the regulation bottle green gym knickers (she had been spanked at home) and an embarrassed Misty fought back. The scrapping girls were prised apart by the furious Gym Mistress and sent to the Principal’s Office.

When summoned, the girls are contrite and scolded by Miss Elizabeth as they are told they will both receive a spanking over her knee in front of each other. This punishment is humiliating for them as not only must they watch each other, but their bottoms are bared and their exposed buttocks given a further hard hand spanking as they both squirm and kick over the lap in extreme discomfort. By now, the tears are starting to well up in their eyes as they are both told they will receive a caning… And this principal relishes swishing the rattan rod!

Each girl takes her punishment, in turn, bent over with their bare behinds jutting out invitingly. Riley receives more strokes as she instigated the fight and Misty’s already sore bottom was by now burning in shame. At the end of their discipline, both girls are told to wait for Miss Elizabeth to write out the reports while they cry and sob uncontrollably from the embarrassing punishment they both endured. The tearful finale is something to behold and will appeal to those who appreciate the fetish of dacrylagnia (love of tears & crying).