Winter’s new stepmom (Miss Matthews) has been given permission to deal with her whenever and however she needs to… Using the ‘old-fashioned’ methods of correction. This means that a rude slutty brat can, at last, be taken over her lap for a long overdue and richly deserved spanking. Miss Matthews has had enough of Winter’s back talk and dressing inappropriately like a ‘common harlot’. After a stern scolding about how inappropriate her new dress is for going out, she takes the stunning, naughty rude redhead over her lap for a hard-hand spanking.

Winter’s sassy behavior also merits the use of the Mason & Pearson hairbrush and this stinging implement of correction really grabs the young lady’s attention. She wriggles and kicks over her stepmother’s lap as her bottom ends up as red as her lush pin-up red hair. Her punishment ends when Winter is genuinely apologising and promising to dress more appropriately as she assures her new stepmom that she will have a better attitude at home.

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