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Work Experience 2 – Cornertime She is told to stand up with her hand on her head while her knickers are down at her ankles. Honey is standing in the corner with her red bottom exposed. Sally is given a hard hand spanking on her bare bottom and then both Sally and Honey are put…

HIDING THE REPORT 1 – THE HAND SPANKING Sally is messing with Honey after her bad school report. She is threatening to tell Aunty the news. Sally proposes an alternative which is to spank her instead of getting it from her Aunty. Honey finally says OK out of fear since her Aunty spanks a lot…

Hiding The Report

HIDING THE REPORT 7 THE HAIRBRUSH AND THEN TO BED Aunty Katie’s puts each girl on the bed doggie style for a severe hard brushing. After the punishment the girls are told to go to bed. With their buttocks burning and aching so much, they will have a hard time to fall asleep at all.

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