Tag: Jonny Stockton

Problem PA

FHS Classics – Adrienne Black Is A Problem PA Free Video with Adrienne Black and Jonny Stockton from Firm Hand Spanking. Upsetting a key client costs Problem PA Adrienne Black a strapping! Stinging leather hits her perfect bare cheeks 86 times as boss Jonny Stockton vents his frustration. He even orders her to pull down…

Kylee Anders Feels The Burn

Gym-Toned Bare Buns Striped With A Riding Crop – Kylee Anders Feels The Burn Sneaking into her boss Jonny Stockton’s bedroom earns gorgeous Au Pair Kylee Anders a stinging taste of the riding crop. ‘Pulling my pants down, it was painful!’ confesses Kylee off camera after her bare bottom feels the sharp sting of retribution….

Truly Madly Deeply

FHS Classics – Stacy Stockton – Truly Madly Deeply Stepping naked out of the shower, Stacy Stockton is hot, soaking wet and looking guilty as husband Jonny asks about going out with a male work colleague. It’s all about trust in Truly Madly Deeply. She kneels nude to accept her punishment: 110 with a strap!…

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