GBS CLASSICS – NEW RESIDENT KELLY – FIRST CANING RESULT IMAGES Rare free images from Kelly at Girls Boarding School, proudly presenting her sore swollen bottom after she has just received her first corporal punishment at GBS, an extensive caning. This was actually her very first caning ever in her life.

PUNISHMENT? Rebecca talks her friend Belinda into letting her try out giving her a spanking for fun. She thinks it will be exciting and is clearly enjoying smacking her pretty friend’s bottom when Rebecca’s guardian the Matron walks in and catches them. Rebecca explains that Matron spanks her so much it must be fun, so…

Girls In Trouble

GIRLS IN TROUBLE, MISS WOODS, TIFFANY SOL Tiffany gets in trouble for being rude and shouting, so the strap comes out! Tiffany has to take down her jeans and bend over the ladder as she gets her bare ass strapped, but her punishment is not over she must touch her toes as she gets the…

Girls Boarding School

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