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Switchuationship – Video Free video with Eryn Rose and Willow from Pandora Blake Dreams of Spanking. Eryn and Willow have done a lot of fantastic character work with us over the past couple of years – but their real-life personas are just as kinky as the characters they play, and they’ve both been itching to…

Sunday School Jodhpurs Jeopardy

Sunday School Jodhpurs Jeopardy The girls had been especially excitable as they had a pre-planned Sunday School trip riding ponies, and the four rude madams, Alora Lux, Essie Quinn, Dolly Mattel, and Faerie Willow had disrupted church services earlier. This hasn’t gone unnoticed and the church verger, John Osborne, enlists nurse Matthews (who was in…

Bring Her To Book

BRING HER TO BOOK Emma Christie gets four for the price of one this week, as she’s subjected to a veritable smorgasbord of indignations after her employer discovers her dirty little secret. She’s been trading sexual favours for personal gain all around the household – and she’s to be punished appropriately for every single one….

Bella’s Bathtime Birching

Bella is taking a relaxing bath and notices the two birches that Mistress Scarlet had her make earlier that day. She has never been birched and wonders if they will be used on her later, or maybe even in that very bathtub! With the warm water soothing her aching muscles, she lies back, daydreaming of…

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