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Spanking Plus Wedgies

Spanking Plus Wedgies Adorable little Ava Nyx is spanked four times with wedgies. First, she is simply yanked into a wedgie and spanked hard by real life Daddy Tubaman. Next, she is OTK getting spanked, and keeps putting her feet in the way, so Tubaman yanks her pants into a wedgie to keep her feet…

Ava The Bacon Thief

Ava The Bacon Thief Naughty Ava Nyx keeps stealing realize Daddy Dom Tubaman’s bacon and gets caught and soundly spanked. Then, you know the rule: ‘A spanking during the day means a spanking at bedtime.’ So Little Miss Bacon Thief goes to bed sleeping on her tummy. Full Length Quality Version Here

Cara And Ava’s Basement Punishment

Cara And Ava’s Basement Punishment Previously in ‘Cara’s Cruel Basement Punishment’ – Cara was being held captive in evil ‘Nurse’ Bernadette’s basement for her own sick and twisted enjoyment. Bernadette has now decided to bring another roommate for poor lonely scared Cara. She introduces the new captive, Ava, to a naked chained up Cara. Nurse…

Spanked for Splashing

Beautiful Ava Nyx, Kajira Bound, and Kitty Quinn all get into a food fight and end up splashing Tubaman as well. Afterwards, three naughty nude girls get soundly spanked, then cropped and paddled. Afterwards, they must scrub the floors clean, on hands and knees, buck naked, and with toothbrushes. This is a free video and…

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