Februs Spanking Magazine by Paula Meadows

Sarah is waiting in the office lounge on the couch for Lexi, her troublesome secretary. Lexi has come into work late once again and she is also wearing a skirt that is much too short. Sarah confronts her about the repeated lateness as well as all the other mistakes she has been making recently. Lexi tries to defend herself, but her boss doesn’t believe the foolishness coming out of her mouth. Sarah tells her that all the other women are complaining in the office about Lexi’s inappropriate skirts.

Sarah has Lexi show off her skirt and bend over which reveals more than an indecent glimpse of her panties. Sarah now understands what the coworkers had complained about but Lexi starts mouthing off about this. Sarah has heard more than enough and decides to punish her for this and her many other offenses. The boss delights in giving her secretary embarrassing, hard wedgies, including a spanking over her short skirt, tight panties, then spanked by a hard hand with a further super panty wedgie.

The humiliating punishment ends with Lexi bent over the sofa, her long legs and bare bottom fully exposed as she receives a few mean swats from a wooden paddle.

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