The headmaster is horrified as he catches Miss Marrington-Clitte spanking two female pupil's especially as the use of corporal punishment had been banned years ago. Perhaps a dose of her own medicine on her voluptuous backside will remind her that spanking and caning is not permitted. After the hard spanking and severe bare bottom caning she receives she certainly will remember not to use it again,

Amelia Jane Rutherford was caught watching spanking porn at work and quite rightly her employer spanked her. She has now come to see her employer with a request. She wants to be spanked again but that is not to be. One spanking is enough, now she is in for something much more. A cane is produced and Amelia has to strip naked apart from her stockings. She is bent over and the cane applied to her bottom, a real good hard caning.

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The poor suffering girl is subjected to a harsh paddling with her legs up over her head displaying her womanly charms vulgarly to her tormentor




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