KaraJayne suffers the indignity of having her bare bottom spanked with a hairbrush, paddled and severely strapped by a very angry Kirsten

Alyson Walsh had been living in Ms. Stern’s apartment for the past three months, and things had been going well. But when she got home one day, she discovered that the landlady had come by to check on things and had seen the two cats that Alyson had been secretly keeping.

Ms. Stern was livid. She had specifically asked Alyson not to keep any pets when she had signed the lease and had made it very clear that she was not to do so. Despite Alyson’s pleas of innocence and her explanations that she was trying to find the cats a good home, Ms. Stern was not swayed.

In an effort to make a point and to ensure that Alyson would never keep any pets again, Ms. Stern declared that she was going to spank and strap Alyson. Alyson was stunned, but she couldn’t deny the authority that Ms. Stern had over her.

So, after being ordered to remove her clothing, Alyson was bent over and given a hard spanking. She was then strapped across the back and thighs and left in that position for what felt like an eternity.

By the time Ms. Stern had finished, Alyson was in tears. But she knew that the lesson had been learned and she would never again keep any pets without permission.

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