It’s hard for some new stepdads to easily adjust to their new environments at home. For example: In this case, just married Dave is continually confronted with his new precious princess in his life, stepdaughter Ava. She picks needless arguments, creates issues, and is poorly behaved on purpose to upset his domestic bliss. Welcome to another tale from our popular ‘Bratty Stepdaughter’ series… And this one is special as naughty Ava goes too far and new rules at home are implemented because of her poor behavior.

Dave decides he has had enough, knowing that Ava is skipping school again and this time he takes matters into his own hands as he takes the brat over his lap for a well-deserved spanking! Ava claims she is sick (he knew she’d say that) and he tests her claim by taking her temperature… With the thermometer up her bottom! By now, she is more subdued and contrite but she still answers back even when her illness claims are proven false. After a further hard spanking, she is placed on the couch as he brings out his trusty thick leather strap.

Her eyes are wide with apprehension as this is the heaviest meanest strap she has ever seen or felt. This implement delivers swift justice as she is strapped on and bent over the couch, her burning red buttocks evidence that she is finally learning her lesson. From now on, a sorry-looking Ava knows that Stepdad’s new House Rules mean similar punishment if she misbehaves in such an appalling manner again!