Morning Service at their local church turned into a spectacle as John’s wife, Clara, was heard to be bad-mouthing and gossiping about the Reverend’s wife. It was the scandal that rocked the proud, pious, conservatives in the church community… And the film starts as John and Clara arrive home discussing the events and Clara quickly ends up over his knee for a well-deserved spanking. No matter the rights or wrongs, he scolds Clara and reminds her that this embarrassing situation will be resolved one way or the other.

His hard hand gives her a mean spanking across her bare, ample buttocks (watch how they quickly turn red with shame). Then he unbuckles his leather belt, snaps it in front of her, and orders her across the end of the bed. He places her upturned bottom to be better presented for a long, stinging session with the leather implement that has her sincerely apologising for her earlier transgressions. By the end, her poor bottom is an angry, burning, throbbing red.

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She accepts that they must both face the music later at Evening Service and John leaves her alone to contemplate this ‘at home’ punishment as she rubs and soothes her sore, aching behind better.

This is a free video from AAA Spanking, featuring a spanking scene performed by Clara Hewitt