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Detentions for the girls at this Boarding School on a Saturday were always the worst. As Kami Robertson and Danielle Hunt were about to find out! They had been caught fraternizing with the boys from the adjacent public school and their parents had heard about their embarrassing behavior and demanded that their girls be taught a lesson. The reason why punishments were usually far worse at weekends was because the teachers would rather be enjoying their day off than dealing with girls who undermined the authority and good name of the school.

The Head Teacher, Mr Osborne, was particularly blunt when dealing with both girls, taking time to scold, chastise and use a painful method of correction: A hard wooden ruler across their hands. Kami found this particularly difficult to take and was in tears as they both received the Discipline Hairbrush and Strap on their bare bottoms for the final part of their punishment. He left them to recover in their cornertime reflection period with Danielle angry that they had been so harshly treated only for Saturday Duty Teacher, Mr Jackson, to conclude that they had not learnt their lesson.

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