Apricot has been a very naughty nurse at the clinic after a long shirt. She brought her Doxy wand vibrator with her to work to use on her break as work can be very stressful! However, she was so busy she had no time and decides to use it after her shift in one of the exam rooms. She thinks everyone has left for the evening and really pleasures herself spreading her legs wide and buzzing her throbbing clit… She is obvious and is enjoying the moment! However, before heading home, the Doctor hears the loud buzzing noise and thinks one of the medical machines is left on.

He is shocked at what he sees; instead of a machine turned on, it is a very naughty nurse turned on, masturbating furiously on the exam table. He’s an old-school disciplinarian and teaches her a painful lesson, taking her ‘in hand’ over his lap. Apricot is shocked at the difference in sensations she experienced as he delivers a hand spanking that turns her bottom a shameful red. She should know better and her aching, swollen bottom replaces any naughty feelings she had earlier.

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