Keep Your Hands To Yourself

Mackenzie Reed decides to run away from the discipline that she gets at home after she was spanked for being too hands on at school! She’s picked up by a caring gentleman that makes sure Mackenzie is fed, and sits her down to hear her story. As the man listens, he becomes aware that Mackenzie is upset because she has to follow what are basic rules at home and if she breaks them she gets spankings.

As Mackenzie listens to the man, she begins to understand that her Dad has cared for her and has loved her lots:) The man agrees to take Mackenzie home and not tell her Daddy that she ran away, but in return for the gesture she will have to take a spanking. Mackenzie starts to realize that there’s not going to be any way to hide from corporal punishment, so her behavior will have to improve. He first makes Mackenzie pull her pants down, having a bared bottom from the start will provide the room for intense impact to drive a lesson home.

The spanking starts with the hand and quickly evolves into a full blown strapping! The man is serious about teaching Mackenzie to accept responsibility for her actions. Next, a stiff leather paddle is presented to fire up her bared round bottom. Finally, a stinging split tailed strap is applied to the exposed and now very sore buns of Mackenzie, making her think deeply about the decisions she made that day.

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