Katie had found it a real giggle to go to the sex shop with me and buy some kinky spanking toys. She had been the only lady in the shop at the time and had enjoyed the furtive glances from the other male customers, as they sniggered under their breath and made their choices. Katie told me she imagined they were ogling her sexy behind in her tight leggings and how she thought they would love to get their hands on it. She had not even really thought about what we had actually bought until we got home, and brought them over to me.

I could see she was really turned on by what she had brought and she sportingly agreed to have the ball gag put on. Katie was surprised at how tight I fitted it but still let herself be pulled over my knee. She arched her back and pushed up her sexy bottom for me, knowing her bottom would look really great like that. Katie had only expected a few playful taps on her derríère, but instead she suddenly found herself on the receiving end of a full-on spanking, as I set about paddling her pert posterior with gusto. She could not even properly protest, all gagged up as she was. Spank after spank rained down on her bottom with the noise resounding around my apartment. When she tried to extricate herself from her predicament I roughly pulled into back into place by her long hair.

There was a brief pause when she thought her ordeal was over, but to her shock and horror, I had merely stopped beating her so that I could drag her leggings and panties down to her knees. Now her it was her poor bare bottom that was getting the full benefit of her new leather paddle. She later said the worst thing of all was that she could see that leather martinet on my sofa which she had bought at the same time knowing that would surely sting and mark her behind like crazy…


Kevin Barnes

Somewhere in Kent.