Sarah is super excited to be cooking a meal for her sweetie, John… however, things don’t exactly go as planned. The broccoli ends up being overcooked and mushy and the fish burns so much that it looks more like charcoal. At first, John assumes she did this on purpose to get a spanking, but that isn’t the case as Sarah apparently is just not good in the kitchen. She claims that they at least have cookies to eat but he was looking forward to a home-cooked fish supper and that doesn’t humour him at all. He bends his cute “chef” over the sink to spank Sarah over her dress… then he lifts the dress to reveal her cute white panties.

He continues to spank her, and naturally, the panties have to come down for a bare-bottom spanking. He uses a plastic spatula and plastic cooking spoon since they are available for him to use. Poor Sarah winces in pain as her bottom stings terribly from the plastic implements. She pouts beautifully and by the end is a very sad and sorry young lady who will be asking for help the next time she “cooks”. Interesting fact: This was one of the first films Sarah and John made before they became a real-life couple, watch the chemistry between them in this film… it is really cute!

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