Amelia’s Refusal To Wear A Dress Designed By Earl Grey Earns A Paddling

All she has to do is apologise. But Amelia Rutherford is reluctant to admit she’s wrong and accept that step-brother Earl Grey has designed a stunning blue creation for her – and it fits. When he produces a wooden paddle to spank her with, surely she’ll say sorry. But no, her jutting butt cheeks take a blistering with the paddle instead in A Taste for Fashion.

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The dreaded wooden paddle smacks into Amelia Rutherford’s bare booty

The effect of a wooden US school paddle across Amelia Rutherford’s curvy rear is impressive, especially in dramatic slow-motion replays that show the full bounce and ripple effect on her soft butt cheeks. Hers is a booty designed for spanking, full-cheeked and curvy! Will she say sorry before her butt burns up from the paddle in A Taste for Fashion?

The headmaster is disappointed that Miss Ellis cannot control her pupils and administers a spanking to her big bare bottom after having her remove her knickers.

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