Dani Synclair Caned and Tawsed

Please welcome another newcomer to our network of websites with an outstanding debut performance by Dani Synclair in this special custom caning and hand tawsing film. Dani has been sent to the principal, Miss Bernadette, to answer allegations that she had been selling counterfeit goods and fake clothing on campus grounds. With all the evidence to hand, Dani is guilty and Miss Bernadette wants to see the miscreant face to face then informs her that she could be expelled!

However, if she is willing… She can accept the following punishment that is explained to her… And will not be light or easily taken. Dani agrees and is sent to another room so that she can undress to take her punishment naked. As explained she would receive a severe caning across her bare bottom. A total of 36 unforgiving strokes of a dense rattan cane are to be administered by John Osborne. The first six are given to her bent over touching her toes.

This is humiliating and the poor girl is aware of how vulnerable she feels, bared and exposed. Further embarrassment ensues with corner time before taking the remainder of her severe cane strokes bent over a couch, her bottom perfectly raised for maximum impact. You will catch every angle of the biting strokes and Dani’s facial reactions as her bottom becomes increasingly welted. A further punishment of a severe hand tawsing, still naked, follows and she must look her tormentor in the eye as he uses a genuine Lochgelly Tawse across her the open palms of her hands.

This is most painful and by the end of the tawsing she is finally allowed to rest and take a seat on the clear plastic chair. There is a special angle beneath revealing her poor marked bottom as she tries to soothe her throbbing buttocks with her aching, reddened hands. Connoisseurs of our caning custom work will again appreciate the attention to detail and superb camerawork making this another ‘Must See’ film in this genre!

Full Length Quality Version Here

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