Kane Spanking Magazine 80 Sam Johnson

Kane Spanking Magazine 80 Sam Johnson

Kane 80 Features

Stills from the Kane Video A Trilogy of Domestic Discipline

PT 1: The Lazy Wife Featuring Jay

Noel has to go to court to defend a speeding ticket he got and is really annoyed that his lazy wife Jay hasn’t ironed him a clean shirt. Being an avid reader of Kane, Noel knows exactly what to do in such a situation – a hard bare bottom spanking and caning might not get his shirt ironed but it will make him feel a whole lot better.

PT 2: The Car Boot Sale Bargains and the Virile Young Man Featuring Sam Johnson

Sam’s husband is really depressed, the car needs servicing and the road tax and insurance need paying but he is skint even though he is doing as much overtime as he can get. Returning home one afternoon he finds his beautiful wife laid out on their bed surrounded by lots of CDs. “Where did you get those?” he asks. Her reply isn’t what he wanted to hear, Sam spent the money he had put by for the car’s expenses at the local car boot sale. Poor Sam, her bare bottom really paid the price of her foolish squandering.

PT 3: Poetic Justice on a First Date Featuring Lesley

After giving his wife Jay a dam good thrashing for not ironing him a shirt on the day he was at court she packed her bags and left him, leaving Noel single again. It was at the local nightclub that he picked up a really tasty girl and persuaded her to come to his home for drinks. It was only when he got her back to his place that he thought he recognised her, then it all came rushing back to him, she was the bitch of a magistrate that gave him a hefty fine. Now it was his turn to dish out the punishment and one he was going to very much enjoy.

The Kane Interview

A Long Hot Summer’s Day with Lesley

Cliff James and Josie Harrison Marks spend a hot summer’s afternoon with Lesley who much to her surprise gets spanked and caned in the garden of the Kane office.

Spanking Stories

Bethlan’s Tribulations

A Double Dose of Debbie’s Discipline by Michael Jones

Driving Miss Debbie by Stuart Rodgers

Memories of a Wasted Youth by Stan Moore

Reader’s Letters

Five pages of reader’s letters and photos


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