You Don’t Act Like An Adult Part 1 – Video

Free video with Sarah Stern and Cherry from Spanking Sarah.

Cherry thinks she has the house to herself. She has found some spanking porn in her Landladies bedroom and is watching it and playing with her pussy. Her Landlady comes home unexpectedly and is furious to find that Cherry has broken her privacy. The situation is not helped by the fact that Cherry hasn’t had a job for a while and so has not been paying her rent. Sarah decides that enough is enough. Cherry is given a choice. Take a punishment or find a new place to live. Cherry reluctantly agrees to be punished and finds herself over the knee getting a good old fashioned bare bottom spanking.

Violet has never been caned before and so she is put over the headmaster’s desk and is soon jumping and crying as she is given her first ever bare bottom caning with three different canes.

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