Lily Swan and Miss Katherine feature in the latest ‘Exercise & Discipline’ series which will not disappoint fans of these two great ladies. Lily is stretching and about to exercise in the Parlor until Mom comes in to find all the furniture has been moved so Lily can work out properly. This will not do and Lily is reminded that her grades at school have been slipping due to her obsessive workout sessions. Mom is furious as the Parlor was arranged and set up for guests arriving later which Lily had no idea about.

After the scolding, Lily knows that she must take a spanking but she doesn’t make it easy for Mom; Complaining and answering back, being as sassy as possible. She is spanked over her tight gym leggings and then they are pulled down revealing a gym thong which doesn’t impress Mom at all. Lily’s further complaints are answered with a harsh uncomfortable wedgie as she is spanked and restrained over the maternal lap. Her poor attitude also earns Lily the hairbrush across her bare seat and the finale of this short sharp shock film is worth the wait as Lily kicks, squirms, and wriggles in pain as the Mason & Pearson brush stings, then reddens the fitness fanatic’s buttocks perfectly.

Lily is left to remove her workout gear and set up the Parlour as it was before the guests arrive. She will be more mindful of her behavior in the future!