Kyra is falling behind in her online college classes. Maddy is an advanced student hired to tutor her and bring up her grades. Upon receiving multiple emails from unfinished assignments, Maddie decides to take charge of the situation. Scolding Kyra for her laziness, she pulls her by the arm to bend her over the table. A long hard spanking on her jean shorts, panties and bare bottom leave her promising to turn in her work on time.

Maddy is determined to leave her sore every time she sits for a memorable lasting correction Driving the lesson home with the family paddle leaves her swollen and speckled with bruises. The front door opens, Kyra’s stepdad home from work. To both of their dismay, he has received all the same emails from school. Kyra stands in the corner, panties down with her spanked bottom on display as he scolds Maddy.

Informing her that she will be held accountable, Maddy is instructed to bend over the table for the belt across her tight jeans. Picking up the family paddle for a dose of hard cracks on the seat of her jeans.

This is a free video from Worst Behavior Productions, featuring a spanking scene performed by Maddy Marks and Kyra Fox.

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