This continues the story of Violet and her wicked step-mother Kali. They are both instructed by Sarah to go to the bedroom and to dress in their little girl school uniforms. Kali has had to agree to be treated in just the same way Violet is, she does not like this but has no place else to live. Once dressed they report for knickers inspection and Kali is found to have dirty knickers, this brings an immediate over the knee spanking. They are both then sent to bed where they are spanked before bedtime, pyjama trousers pulled down.

They are left alone and start fighting. Step Mommy Sarah burst into the room and now she is real mad. They are to be punished. Next day Violet tells Kali she has to clean the house, Kali is not happy with this and phones an old boyfriend begging him to give her a home. Violet overhears this and grabs a hold of her step Mom and drags her over her knees and gives her a real bare bottom spanking.

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