This is a film about love, hate and total regression for two grown adults. Violet has settled in to her new life with Sarah and she is on her way to work when she gets a phone call from her Kali her step Mom who she has not seen for years. She wants to know if she can come and stay but Violet tells her no way. Later that day she gets home and there is her step Mom telling all sorts of lies to Sarah, well Violet loses the plot and attacks Kali. This earns her a real hard spanking in front of this horrible lady.



Sarah then has a talk to her and gets the truth out of her. She returns to the sitting room after carrying out a knickers inspection on Violet and confronts Kali the step Mom. This results in Kali going over Sarah’s knee and getting her first real hard spanking, this is witnessed by Violet who encourages Sarah to spank harder.

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