The Challenge

Lucy and Louise are set a challenge by one or our members to make a film of themselves, dressed only in high heeled shoes, self spanking and paddling and spanking, paddling and caning each other to their limits. This may seem easy, but they soon found out that it was far from this, the challenge was clear, they could not hold back and must deal with each other as strictly as possible. Self spanking is difficult, but it is also surprisingly painful, Lucy and Louise are both girls who love to be spanked, they are not girls who would usually spank others.

The challenge was to take the punishments both and to each other as far as they can. They had a variety of implements that they had to use during the challenge, these range from their own hands through to leather paddies, wooden paddles, Delrin and cane loopy, leather straps and finally two canes. This is the full film of the challenge,

Full Length Quality Version Here

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