Erotic Spank Date, Strapped Bare – Reyna St Claire And Stevie Rose – Part 1

Reyna is overjoyed at the way her date is progressing. After a lengthy OTK spanking with plenty of pussy swats, she finds herself on her hand and knees on the ottoman. Picking up one the the leather Straps, Stevie smacks her pretty cheeks, pausing to caress as Reyna’s bottom flushes crimson. The Razor Strap lands with a resounding crack across her juicy cheeks. Stevie alternates her aim to land severe deliberate strokes directly on her pussy, eliciting immediate moans.

Standing between her legs, she brings the Strop down on Reyna’s poor bottom. Removing her panties, Stevie lays on the hardest licks as Reyna cries out. Stevie pulls up her top and begins to rub her tits, turned on as she soothes Reyna’s scorched backside. Pushing her legs apart, caressing and slapping her bare pussy, announcing a final dose of hard licks before she is ready to culminate their date in the bedroom.

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