Smitten’s Hard Lesson – Video

Free video with Miss Bernadette, Clara Hewitt and Smitten Kytten from Momma Spankings.

Smitten has been attending a new private school but unfortunately, she has been rude to many of the teachers with an overall bad attitude. Headmistress Matthews was so concerned that she decided to visit Smitten’s home, in person, to discuss these issues with her mom (Miss Bernadette). After informing Bernadette about the problems at school with her girl, both ladies deal with this issue the old-fashioned way. Bernadette explains that this is a spanking household… so that is how discipline is dealt with. Bernadette takes her daughter over the lap giving her a hard hand spanking before passing her over to Headmistress to do the same.

It was already noted that Miss Matthews had brought the school’s leather strap with her. Now she shows Bernadette how to give a sound strapping to poorly behaved miscreants. She also recommends that one be purchased and used at home when possible. Smitten is given 12 hard swats with the strap before being passed to her mother who also dishes out a further dozen with the strap. A sorry-looking Smitten learns that she will be taught a painful lesson at school and home from now on if she continues to behave in such an appalling manner.

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