Stevie and Skylar Rose make a welcome return appearance in this particular episode. The elder sister has made it to Assistant Coach and is proud of her achievement. Younger sis, Skyler, sees this as an opportunity to take advantage of the fact she can possibly get away with things the other girls could not. However, this backfires quickly as Stevie will not be disrespected and reminds her naughty sibling of this fact. After a stern scolding, Skyler takes Stevie’s lap as her hard hand smacks the younger girl’s backside. The tight cheer pants offer little resistance and bite into her round firm buttocks, making the spanking even more uncomfortable.

Skyler’s punishment and humiliation are complete when Stevie spanks her bare buttocks harder and then places her flat on the couch for the family’s dreaded leather “Strap of Correction”. Skyler winces and grimaces in pain as the leather implement turns her bottom a dark, burning, shameful red… reminding her of who is in charge at cheer practice and that future poor behavior will have consequences at home too

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