This week’s meet-up with Miss Matthews will be a little special for Sarah as she has dressed up in her favourite cute cheerleader uniform and wants to surprise Mistress. That she certainly does… And Mistress is most pleased at the sight of Sarah who asks her to punish her for being a naughty cheerleader. Sarah wastes no time fetching a chair for Miss Matthews to sit down on and takes her place over her Domme’s lap.

The cheer panties are pulled down to reveal Sarah’s unblemished bottom which soon starts to turn a delicious shade of crimson as the spanking continues. For the next part of her session, Sarah faces the mantle with her bottom stuck out as an inviting target for the two leather straps that Mistress uses across the ‘naughty’ young lady’s bare buttocks. By the end, Sarah’s bottom is glowing and she thanks Miss Matthews for fulfilling her special fantasy spanking session!

This is a free video from Cheerleader Spankings, featuring a spanking scene performed by Sarah Gregory and Clara Hewitt.

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