Mouth Soaped And Spanked
Morgans anal temperature is taken just to add to the ritual humiliation and help Morgan realize that if she acts like a teen, she will be treated like one. She is then back over the knee getting her bottom spanked once more. Firstly, over her little girl panties and then on the bare bottom. Sarah has a very hard hand and uses it to maximum effect to try and help Morgan realize the error of her ways

All the time while Morgan is being spanked she is thinking about the fact that she has been promised a mouth soaping. She has never experienced this before and knows that it will be horrible. Sarah ignores her pleading and lathers up the soap so it is nice and foamy, Morgan is instructed to open her mouth wide and pull out her tongue. Sarah slathers her tongue with the soap. It’s down on it hard. This is a long, embarrassing, and unpleasant mouth soaping for Morgan who is left drooling and spitting.

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