Kat has done it again by getting herself kicked out of the prestigious boarding school that her parents are paying good money for. The miscreant was sent home and failed to take her actions seriously.. This infuriates Mom, who plans to teach her naughty girl a proper lesson the old-fashioned way. In her day, poorly behaved girls were given a hard bare bottom hand and hairbrush spanking. Throughout her punishment, she is constantly reminded and scolded about her poor behavior which only adds further embarrassment when her bare bottom is being smacked by Mommy’s hand and the stinging Mason & Pearson brush over the maternal lap.

Mom also makes it clear that Kat will get a job if she is going to be at home and not away at school. She will go back to public school and get a part-time job to learn how to behave. From now on, Kat will learn the hard way what happens to naughty girls who get thrown out of boarding school.

These are free images from Momma Spankings, featuring a spanking scene performed by Samantha B  and Katherine St. James.

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