Please welcome an exclusive first showing of Stella Rose to our network of websites. She is a natural brat and submissive who can take quite the spanking when needed… And, of course, in this film scenario with Sarah Gregory as her babysitter, that is precisely what happens! Sarah has been asked to look after Stella ‘in loco parentis’ and received several texts explaining what needed to be done in her folks’ absence that evening.

This is because Stella could not be trusted to reveal what needed to happen before bedtime. Sarah is watching TV when Stella quickly announces she is going to bed early but Sarah asks her to come in and sit down next to her. Stella winces as she sits down from the spanking at school that she had neglected to inform her charge about. Stella’s lies and deception are apparent when Sarah produces the texts giving permission to carry out the extra punishment before bedtime since her parents had to leave early!

Found out and with no place to hide, the embarrassed girl assumes her place over the babysitter’s lap and takes a further spanking across her already sore pink cheeks. A second spanking at home is always worse and Stella cries out in pain as she realizes that Sarah has a mean hard hand that stings horribly. For lying to Sarah, she must go fetch the hairbrush and ask for it to be used across her aching bottom.

This final part of the punishment has the poor brat yelping and leg kicking as the Mason & Pearson brush serves as a timely reminder that liars never prosper!

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