Violet is late home from Cheer Practice and Mommy is worried, waiting for her in Violet’s bedroom. Then Mommy sees her girl, dismounting from a vile noisy motorbike belonging to Violet’s new boyfriend… She feels let down that her precious princess is not listening to her sound advice. Violet questions why her mother is in her room but it soon becomes clear when she is told that the motorbike shenanigans were meant to have stopped and that promises were made.

It is obvious that her girl can not be trusted and has let down the family with such deceit… And Violet knows what is coming next, as these things are always disciplined with a spanking under this roof. She takes her place on her own bed over the imposing maternal lap and Mommy’s hard hand soon turns the naughty girl’s bottom a glowing shade of red. The spanking is far from over as her hairbrush has been seen close by and Mommy wants to ensure that Violet learns a lesson properly.

The girl squirms and wriggles as she receives a further hard whacking from the nasty stinging brush. By the time the punishment is over, Violet is contrite and promising that she won’t let down anyone again with her silly behavior. After loving hugs, she is left alone to rub her sore burning bottom and reflect on what had just transpired!

This is a free video from Cheerleader Spankings, featuring a spanking scene performed by Violet Haze and Clara Hewitt.

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