I Need A Mommy
Sarah Stern is surprised when a newcomer to the area bangs on her door one morning and rudely demands that she keeps her dogs from barking because they are ruining her slumbers! Kitty is cursing and swearing and even goes as far as to threaten to report Sarah and her hounds to the authorities in order for them to be taken away. This is a step to far for Sarah. Mrs Stern is a firm believer that if a grown woman wants to act like a brat then she should be treated like one.

She grabs hold of a protesting Kitty and drags her over her knee for a good hard spanking. Kitty cannot believe what is happening to her. Her knickers are pulled down and the spanking carries on on the bare. Kitty kicks and squeaks but it is to no avail. Her bottom is going to get a blistering. When she has been properly punished, Mrs Stern allows her to go home. It is a surprise to Mrs Stern when Kitty reappears a few days later.

She once more apologies for her bad behaviour but also acknowledges that she needs regular punishment to ensure that she behaves well. She has even bought a school uniform to put on to help her regress to the mindset of a little girl. Sarah agrees to help Kitty but explains that there will be rules and regulations which will need to be followed and that this will also include regular knicker inspections, corner time and the writing of lines.

Kitty is frightened but also excited about this new regime. We see her change into her little girl school uniform and go back over the knee for a maintenance spanking. She is dressed only in her little girl white vest and knickers. Sarah decides Kitty should go and get the spanking chair and once more be subjected to an over the knee spanking but this time with a difference. The smacks start with Kitty in the traditional over the knee pose but Sarah decides that it will be more painful if Kitty is placed in the diaper position whilst still over the knee.

Not only is it more painful, but it is a very humiliating position to be in as it is so revealing. The slaps also land on very tender areas which are not usually on display. When the spanking is over, Kitty is told to sit under the table on her very sore bottom with her hands on her head. A quick hard over the knee spanking is given to Kitty before she is told to go upstairs, change out of her adult clothing and come back in her childish pyjamas.

When a contrite and sorry Kitty comes back downstairs she begs to be let of anymore punishment but it is to no avail. She is once more placed over the knee and spanked soundly. Firstly onto the seat of her pyjamas and then onto her bare bottom. She is then instructed to go upstairs to bed and we see her climbing the stairs with her bright red bottom on display and her knickers around her knees.

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