Hairbrush Spanking For Morgan
Morgan has been made to wear her little girls clothes and asked to refer to Sarah as ‘Step Mommy’. She feels rather ridiculous in her school uniform and having to put her hair in ribboned bunches. No longer is she to be treated like a grown woman. As her recent behaviour has been more akin to that of a naughty little girl, this is how she is going to be treated. Her temperature is taken in her bottom and she is given rules to obey.

Back over the knee she goes to have her bottom spanked but this time with the nasty stingy hairbrush. Sarah lays the strokes on hard and makes sure that every part of her already sore bottom gets a real good hair brushing. Morgan is soon kicking her legs and pleading with her ‘Step Mommy’ to stop but it is to no avail. Sarah will carry on with this nasty punishment until she feels that Morgan has learned her lesson..

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