Stevie sits down with Troublemaker to call her on a lost bet where her ass is on the line. Troublemaker is pulled across her girlfriends lap, dressed only in a sweatshirt and cute polka dot panties. Stevie is dressed in a sheer white cutoff football jersey and matching panties, a titillating sight as she spanks the full round bottom over her lap. Smack, yelp as her hand slaps down on pale flesh. Peeling her panties down to her thighs, Stevie spanks Troublemakers bare bottom.

Picking up the hairbrush, swinging it down hard and fast, crying out, flushing bright red. Troublemaker was a nice sore bottom as Stevie moves on to her thighs, increasing the pain. A big round paddle splats down on the centre of her succulent cheeks, Stevie spanks hard and without mercy. Blistering swats make Troublemaker to cry out, wishing she never made that bet, and determined to settle the score.

Bent over the couch with her bare bottom and feminine charms on display, Stevie enjoys the view as she delivers the final dose of the blistering paddle and belt.

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