Dylan Learns A Proper Lesson

Dylan (aka Minxgrrl) is very confused when Miss Matthews enters her home, cane in hand. It soon transpires that Miss Matthews is the new British tutor hired by her fed-up parents to teach Dylan how to be a more contrite and proper young lady. Miss Matthews teaches this defiant unruly brat a good old-fashioned lesson with a hand spanking over her lap. Spankings by Miss Matthews are always on the bare bottom which Dylan finds embarrassing but much worse is in store for this madam.

Bent over the couch, her bottom exposed and vulnerable for a hard caning before telling her that she will be going away to a private school where these kinds of punishments will be carried out regularly if she misbehaves as she has done. Dylan is one sorry-looking young lady, left alone to contemplate her future as she rubs her aching, sore red bottom.

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