This is another film from our ‘Bratty Stepdaughter’ series and this one goes off the charts on the ‘Bratometer’ with Amy Fox pushing her put-upon new stepmom (Miss Bernadette) to new levels of anxiety and stress. However, this is all about to backfire on the naughty brat once Bernadette sought permission from her hubby so she could punish Amy as her own! Amy has returned from the gym, still in her sweaty leggings and gym outfit (draped across the sofa) and Bernadette tries to get her to go take a shower.

Amy is so bratty, rude, and obnoxious… Not giving her ‘wicked stepmother’ any respect… Until the bombshell news that Bernadette has permission to spank and punish her for this uncontrollable behavior. Amy still smirks and talks back, even when she is taken over the maternal lap for a spanking that quickly escalates to a bare bottom hand smacking. Amy still brats and the sass has not disappeared so Bernadette makes this spoilt girl go fetch a hairbrush and that she must ask for a hard spanking with the stinging implement.

Now this gets her attention and is soon the contrite, good little girl that Bernadette hopes for. This is one of the brattiest madams receiving what ends up being a mean hairbrush spanking. You will need to see how Amy turns from a nasty uber-brat into a respectful young lady in just 13 minutes!

This is a free video from AAA Spanking, featuring a spanking scene performed by Miss Bernadette and Amy Fox.

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